You want it, we got it

We are CardingUK. As you can guess by our name, we are carders from the UK.
We are a service that will card what you need, whatever it may be. We keep stocks of iPhones, Macs, iPhones, iPad, Consoles and Computers which are preceded and prepackaged and will be sent at your request. They are stored safely in a self storage unit. If you find something that you would like and don't have anywhere else to go, we can help you out. We will card it directly to your drop for 60% of the value or card it to our drop and then to you for 65%. We can card anything, regardless of what it is. However, we will not card stupid things like cases or on the other end of the spectrum, cars. Minimum order must be £300 when you want custom goods.
All orders over £700 will receive a free gift included which is related to the product. Example, laptop sleeve, phone case etc.
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